Greeting cards are an excellent way of conveying compassion, celebrating joy, and honoring the special people in our lives. Expressing sincere sentiments on paper enables people to read and savor words for a long time. Greeting cards generally become keepsakes.

Remembering special events makes our loved ones feel valued and important. Sharing an encouraging word can brighten someone's day. Offering hope gives courage and potentially affects a lifetime.


At iCare Greetings, we are devoted to creating beautiful, heartfelt, quality cards at an affordable price. We offer you the freedom to select each design you purchase, so that you actually use all the cards you select.

Our passion at iCare Greetings is to scatter kindness, present hope, and strengthen your journey with God.

Our cards are artfully designed and thoughtfully written from everyday life and personal experiences. These messages reflect God's love, recognize the value of others, and encourage interpersonal relationships. Each card also contains an appropriate Bible verse.

Ordering our cards couldn't be simpler: you select your favorite designs, choose your preferred size, then create a box filled with 6, 12, or 18 cards. We ship your cards directly to your doorstep, and they're ready to be used however you like!

Meet the iCare Team

The greatest desire of every team member is that God would be glorified through our lives and our products.
He has blessed us with so much. All glory to Him!

Lonnie YoderOwner

Lonnie is the knowledgeable person that holds everything together. As a deacon in the church, a father, friend, and business owner, he wears many different hats. He is genuinely interested in missions, and in spreading God’s love to those around him. Lonnie and his wife Krista have 7 children. He enjoys good conversations, exploring new places and ideas, and coffee. Some key words to describe Lonnie are practical, kind, and genuine.

Caleb KensingerSales

Caleb is our skilled sales representative that spends much time on the road, visiting accounts and introducing product. As a minister in the church, he is intensely concerned about people and their heart needs. Caleb and his wife Jessica have five children. He enjoys traveling, meeting people, and reading. Some key words to describe Caleb are fervent, relational, and visionary.

Lanette Steiner Card Artisan

Lanette is the heart behind iCare Greetings. She is passionate about sharing God’s love through every card that leaves her desk. In addition to cards, she is involved in a little side-hustle of wedding flowers. She adores her nieces and nephews, and cares deeply about her many friends. She loves reading, singing, spike ball, fishing, and anything creative. Some key words to describe Lanette are imaginative, sensitive, and compassionate.

Glenda ShoemakerSecretary/Customer Service

Glenda is the friendly voice on the other end of the phone line. She works remotely from Virginia, and is instrumental in order management and customer service. She often brightens our days with little humorous things. She loves people, chocolate, and good quotes. Some key words to describe Glenda are friendly, loyal, and inspirational.

Annalisa MillerFulfillment Manager

Lis is our faithful fulfillment manager who keeps busy pulling orders, shipping orders, and organizing daily schedules. She is detail-oriented and precise. She loves life, music, and competitive sports. Some key words to describe Lis are composed, sweet-natured, and caring.

Jaden YoderDelivery

Jaden spends most of his days on the road, delivering product to our local businesses. He is also involved in building and installing racks, shipping orders, and other behind-the-scenes tasks. He enjoys sports, traveling, and hanging out with friends. Some key words to describe Jaden are enthusiastic, sociable, and encouraging.